Top 5 Weight Loss Programs

Fact: All Diets will work.

You lose weight by creating a calorie deficit. That's it! Simple Math

Your body needs so many calories per day to exist anything over that amount gets stored in the gas tanks anything less gets taken from.

To maintain your weight the average person needs to consume 15 calories for every pound of body weight so if you weigh 100lbs you need consume 1500cals/day if you weigh 200lbs you'll need to consume 3000/day that's on average some need more 18cals/lb some need less 12cals/lb to maintain.

Watch out: If you drastically restrict calories intake your body will go into starvation mode and begins to exist on less calories/energy.

On average you don't want to create more than a 500 calories/day deficit of what you body requires per day.

Here are some of the Most Popular and Successful Diets many others have used to successfully lose weight. Choose the one you feel is right for you: