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Motivational Quotes 3-28-03
March 28, 2003

Are you a light bulb or a laser beam? I remember several years ago seeing the movie "City Slickers" starring Billy Crystal and Jack Palance. Seems Crystal's character was going through the proverbial mid-life crisis, and he and some buddies decided to go out and play cattle rustler for a week. Remember this one?

Well, in the midst of Crystal's confusion (and life-search), Palances' character "Curly" seemed to have it all together. Crystal asked him, "What is the secret to life?" At which point Curly would always hold up his index finger and say, "One thing" before riding away.

In frustration Crystal finally asked, "What is that one thing?" To which Curly answered, "That is what you have to figure out."

You see, if we are not careful, we live our life like a light-bulb versus a laser beam. Never finding and deciding upon our "one thing."

A light bulb gives off diffused light -- it can illumine a large area...but a laser beam can cut through steel!

You cannot serve two masters, you cannot ride two horses at the same time. The great teacher told us, "If your eye be single...your whole body will be full of light," (light = truth and power).

In what ways are you living your life like a light-bulb? Becoming a jack-of-all-trades but a MASTER of NONE? Very few individuals ever master anything -- they don't find and commit to their own "one thing."

What do you need to let go of? Where do you need to refocus? What do you want to accomplish with the rest of your life?

I encourage you to practice "The Curly Principle," to find your one thing and commit to focus with laser intensity! Then exploit your one thing in the service of others and you absolutely MUST win.

Have a great week and make your life magnificent, Your coach,


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